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Trinity - Heartstone of Faith

Trinities abound!
My life is surrounded
by objects in three dimensions -
length, breadth, height.
If any of these were missing,
nothing would be complete.
I myself am body, mind and spirit,
and my thinking, feeling, willing
need to inter-act if I am to be fully human.
Space and time and matter
exist in every moment of my life.
I cannot separate my being
from any one of these.
A physical substance can often appear
in liquid, gas, or solid forms -
three different ways.
And every day woven into our lives
are past, present, and future.
So let us not take fright 
at the thought of God as Trinity.
This description, a uniquely Christian
insight into God’s self-disclosure,
is not some metaphysical formula
designed to prove God’s 
but a definition
which attempts to safeguard
the reality of Christian
And once we are baptised in the name of
the Trinity, 
our whole life should become
an exploration
of our relationship with this God
through grace and love and fellowship.

St Paul spells out this connection
as he speaks of
“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ”
- God encountered in the
 total, abundant self-giving
that we meet in the person
and Cross of Jesus,
with no dependence whatsoever on
any worthiness or wisdom on our part.
“The love of God”
- God encountered as a loving
Creator and parent, generous,
compassionate, patient, forgiving,
accepting, always ready to welcome us home.
“The fellowship of the Holy Spirit”
- God encountered as the one
who causes us to open our eyes
to one another,
enabling us to see each other 
as we have never seen before,
making possible a whole new kind
of community and togetherness.

In the Trinity
we find God revealed as a communal being
in whom there is complete openness,
co-operative harmony, unity and diversity.
What then does it mean to be made
after the image of such a God,
and incorporated into the life of this God?


It means that we are called to be a
creative people,
a redemptive people,
and a life-giving people.
It means we cannot ignore or suppress others
or live in isolation from them,
because our individuality is authenticated
not on its own merit but only as we are part
of a community.
The awesome reality is that we become
truly ourselves through our relatedness to others.
This opens up the meaning of life
and should, above all, 
be one of the great hallmarks
of belonging to that Community of Faith
which is the Church.


(reproduced with permission of author - extract from “Cherishing Christ – Journeying with Christ through the Seasons” 2003


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by Mike Schafernocker 
Mike Schafernocker flew as a door gunner with the Seawolves in 1969. Keenly aware of his own mortality, he wrote this poem and titled it "Look God".
Look God, I have never spoken to you,
But now I want to say, "How do you do".
You see, God, they told me you didn't exist,
And like a fool, I believed all this. 
Last night from a shell hole, I saw your sky.
I figured right then, they had told me a lie.
Had I taken time to see the things you made,
I'd have known they weren't calling a spade a spade. 
I wonder, God, if you'd shake my hand.
Somehow I feel you will understand.
Funny, I had to come to this hellish place,
Before I had time to see your face. 
Well, I guess there isn't much more to say,
But I sure am glad, God, that I met you today.
I guess the zero hour will soon be here,
But I'm not afraid since I know you're near. 
The signal, well, God, I'll have to go,
I like you lots and I want you to know.
Look now, this will be a horrible fight,
Why, who knows, I may come to your house tonight. 
Though I wasn't friendly to you before,
I wonder, God, if you'd wait by the door.
Look, I'm crying...Me, shedding tears,
I wish I'd have known you better, these many years. 
Well, God, I'll have to go now, goodbye...
Strange, since I met you...I'm not afraid to die.
Mike’s fire team was ambushed in a helicopter trap on the Cambodian border. 
He fell out of the aircraft and was hanging by his gunner’s belt when it crashed on him.   Born February 28,1949, Died April 28, 1969

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