Message from the Wardens

Dear Friends
We write to let you know that there WILL BE a Eucharist at the Community of the Sacred Name this coming Sunday, Pentecost, 31 May 2020. It will be good to be back together, but there will be a number of changes to the way we have done things to keep in line with Government and/or our Bishop's requirements for church gatherings under Level 2 Covid-19 regulations.  
*    It will  be Helen's last day with us as Interim PIC of St Luke's. It would be nice for her to have a good turnout - but please be guided by your own health - if not well or not ready to venture out, be true to yourself, stay at home, and pray for Helen and for the community of St Luke.
*   The service will begin at 9am, to give Helen time with us after the service, before she goes on to St Mary's Addington for an 11am service. From the following Sunday, 7 June, services will revert to 9.30am.
*   There will be hand sanitizer at the door - please use before you enter the worship space, and if using the toilets during or after the service, use the sanitizer again before you return to the worship space.
*   We are also required to keep details of those attending. There will be no need to sign in, the welcomer on duty will mark a register as you come in, as we already have your contact details on file.
*   Remember the cry - "wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands". - there will be soap and paper towels in the toilet areas. Please put used paper towels in the bags provided. 
*   There will be hymns for singing.  Alleluia!
*   Communion will be in the one kind, the priest only consuming the wine.   
*   The congregation will move to the Altar to receive the bread, moving down the central aisle and returning to their seats to the left or right which ever is appropriate to where you were sitting, keeping the 1 metre physical distancing between yourself and the person ahead of you in the queue.  
*   We hope to set the room up in such a way that will enable us to keep to the rules for serving food and drink which "would not tempt people to breach social distancing guidelines".   If we can manage this, we should be able to farewell Helen appropriately on Sunday; if not, Pamela has agreed to arrange a suitable gathering within the next few weeks when we can do so. You will be advised one way or the other by Friday evening.
*   Our thanks to all who responded so generously and deposited donations into the church bank account towards a farewell gift to Helen. 
*   The Bishop has suggested we all think about bringing a can of non-perishable food to add to the Mission Food Basket as your personal thanksgiving, and in support of those less fortunate than ourselves.  These will be delivered to the City Mission.
*   Offerings of money and envelopes will need to be put into the offertory plate at the foot of the Paschal Candle as you enter. There will be no collection plate circulated during the service.
*   Please remember social distancing when waiting to light a votive candle.

Sorry for the long list, but we felt it better you were aware of changes before you arrived on Sunday morning. 
It will be great to see you all and to be able to worship together once again.


Your churchwardens

Alan & Jenny




I have the privilege of living close to the Ōtākaro-Avon River in Richmond. Most days in lockdown my wife and I walk or cycle along the river trail which winds alongside the river from the city centre to the sea. The trail is alive with people out in their bubbles, walking the dog or the kids, or jogging, biking, enjoying all this place has to offer.

As we walk, I reflect on what a transformation has happened here over the last decade. The earthquakes brought devastation on an unprecedented scale to this area – village communities were destroyed and the ties that bind communities together were ripped apart.

But what was once a place of trauma is now an oasis of healing. The spirit, the wairua of the people and of this land will not be defeated. People reached out for a vision for the rejuvenated eastern suburbs to create a multipurpose river park from the city to the sea.

Together we are reinvigorating the indigenous habitat and developing community initiatives which enhance this special place, to make it a go-to place where the city comes to relax, rejuvenate and play.

It is a huge collaborative and sometimes fraught effort between grassroots community and voluntary and statutory agencies. There is a long way to go but as I walk along this track I can feel this land healing from trauma, embracing creativity, connectedness between us and the environment.

This is an analogy for what the world is going through now. How are we going to shape our future beyond this pandemic? The virus has forced us to press the pause button on the political, economic and social systems of our world. Many are reflecting on just what kind of society we had. Was it fit for purpose? Do we want to simply press the start button, to "get back to normal"?

I sincerely hope not.
We have a chance to challenge the grotesque inequality, self-interest, poverty and injustice of the old normal. There, so few had so much and so many had so little, and we had brought ourselves to the edge of environmental catastrophe.

We are at a watershed moment. As we prepare to release the pause button, surely we know it makes common sense if we are to survive and prosper. We need a vision of well-being and equity for all humanity and our fragile planet.

It is often in the darkest of times that we see the best in people. That was certainly true in our city after the quakes, and across our nation in these weeks of lockdown. The human spirit of care, compassion and courage will not be denied. This is the spirit that can shape our future. Out of this trauma can come hope and new life.

I believe that love is stronger than hate, that life is stronger than death. That's the profound truth of Easter for Christians. This is a prayer which both challenges and encourages me. Whatever your faith may be or not, I invite you to embrace its sentiments:

God of many names, the lover of all peoples, Give us a vision of our world as your love would have it be; a world where the weak are protected and none go hungry or poor, where all the blessings and benefits of life are shared so that everyone can enjoy them, where people of every race, colour, gender, sexual orientation – the whole kaleidoscope of humanity are each treated with mutual dignity and respect, a world where our planet home is nourished and cared for, where peace is built on justice and justice is guided by love. And give to us the courage and inspiration to build such a world.

To that I say Amen.


Livestreaming of the Sunday 10am services in the Transitional Cathedral is available to all parishioners unable to access a local livestreaming of worship and devotional material led by vicars.  You can do this by copying the link below into your web browser

Regular Live-streaming or video links

  • The Christ Church Transitional Cathedral live streams weekly on a Sunday at 10 am and 5.30 pm.  
  • St Mary’s Anglican Church, Timaru, The Rev’d Ben Randall with daily prayer and updates. On Sundays, live Services of Word and Prayer are offered at 8.00 am and 10.00 am via Zoom. 
  • St Michael’s and All Angels has both Facebook and YouTube channels – Fr Chris Orczy has 8 am Morning Prayer, 12.35 pm Mass, and 4pm Evening Prayer. On Sundays he streams services at 8 am, 10 am, and 4 pm. 
  • All Souls Merivale-St Albans has services 8 am and 12 noon week days and Sunday 10 am hosted on their Facebook page.
  • All Saints Burwood‘s services can be found on their YouTube channel 'All Saints Burwood'. It goes up the night before (Saturday) so you can watch at a time that suits you.


A Prayer for these Times (from ANZPB)


God of the present moment,

God who in Jesus stills the storm and soothes the frantic heart;

bring hope and courage to us as we wait in uncertainty.

Bring hope that you will make us the equal of whatever lies ahead.

Bring us courage to endure what cannot be avoided,

for your will is health and wholeness;

you are God, and we need you. Amen.