Message from Peter Beck


Monday 21 December 2020


Dear Parish family

Kia Ora e te whanau!


 'The Word is made flesh and dwells among us and we behold his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth' [from our Gospel for Christmas Day - John 1:1-14]




Love came down at Christmas. Not wrapped up in tinsel and paper, but the raw and tender love of God for each and everyone - a love which embraces us and all the world in our joy and in our pain and suffering; a love which reaches out to redeem and bless, and to make new; a love which boldly proclaims that death and destruction will not have the final word. Life and love will triumph. In the face of suffering, God 'does not wave a magic wand, or descend briefly from the sky to clean things up. He arrives on earth as a human being who will change things simply by the completeness of his love. This love is the wellspring of Jesus' life, and he gives himself to the transforming power of love in every moment, whatever it costs'. 


This is no gentle Jesus, meek and mild. This is a bold and determined human who defied the power-brokers and structures of his time. This is the Jesus of Mary's Magnificat who will cast down the mighty from their thrones, and lift up the lowly, who will fill the hungry with good things, and send the rich away empty. This is the Jesus who will free the prisoners from their
chains, give sight to the blind, release for the oppressed. Somehow something pretty radical and subversive is happening here. And we are his body! Gentle Jesus, meek and mild? -yeah right!


We know that love like this makes sense. We know that when we catch a glimpse, a taste of that love in our own lives, when we give or receive it, that we have touched the heart of what it really means to be alive, to be truly free, and to be human. Our addiction to greed and consumerism is shown for the barrenness that it is


By such a love, the world is changed. We will not succumb to despair and lethargy in the face of all that is so wrong in our troubled world, but find new hope, new energy, new life to transform all that's hurts and injures and destroys into all that unites and heals and creates.




After Christmas until January 20th the only weekday Eucharist will be held at 10am on Wednesday's.



May God bless you and all who you hold in your heart this Christmas





Studying Theology is a great way to explore and deepen your faith


Gareth is a member of our vestry as well as the Director of Theology House . Here’s some  more information about Theology House for us all to consider:

Whether you are considering starting study or continuing with an existing programme, there are some great options.

Regardless of what programme you are considering or whether you are a new or an experienced student, Theology House is here to advise and help you on the journey.  Our theological library and other resources are available whether you’re in formal study or following your own journey of discovery.

Further information can be found on the Theology House website.