Message from Peter Beck

02 April 2021


Dear Parish family

Kia Ora e te whanau!


Mea culpa! I have a new computer. I wrote a letter for last week. I thought I had sent it to you. It didn't send, but it did disappear completely! This is proof of my innate incompetence in terms of computer technology. My apologies.


It feels rather surreal to be writing the letter for this Sunday, EasterSunday on Friday, Good  Friday!  Today I am drawn closer to the cross, to the realisation of what God in Jesus Christ has done for us on this day. His death opens the door to new and abundant life. All that separates and injures and destroys is overcome by all that unites and heals and creates.
Alleluia, Christ is risen; he is risen in deed.

Join us if you will this Easter Day at 9.30am as we celebrate our Parish Eucharist in the CSN Retreat House. We will have a celebratory Morning Tea after the service.  


The essence of the resurrection faith to my mind is in the experiences of human relationship. Whatever culture, religion, colour, class, sexual orientation or anything that marks our difference and distinctiveness from one another in our myriad diversity, the common bond we have is in our yearning for love and life. This yearning is the movement of Love within each one, the love which is eternal, which can never die, which will burst out of any locked and closed preconceptions we may have. It is not unusual or weird or in a sense even miraculous. The resurrection is simply how things are!


And as the story of Jesus confirms, though we may bury it, kill it, run from it, lock it in a tomb, this love will not be defeated. Our destiny for fullness of life will be realised, somehow, somewhere, some day.


In the delight of friends and friendship, in my brokenness and hurt, in my fragility and weakness, I know that my redeemer liveth, and that all shall be well. And tentatively again, day by day, moment by moment, I can venture to live that resurrection life and become the person God has created me to be.  And wherever I see people, of whatever  faith or none, reaching out to one another in Christ like love, protesting against the forces of death, then I can rejoice, for like John the beloved disciple I can see and believe the truth of the resurrection. Christ is risen. he is risen indeed! My prayer is that all of us here, the people of God of St Luke in the City are and will strive to be God's Easter people, loving as Christ loves us! Amen. 


There will be the usual celebration of the Eucharist here in the Retreat House on Wednesday at 10am and on Thursday at 9.30am.

Please note : On Thursday we take our leave of the Community of the Sacred Name.


Here are our services over the next couple of weeks:

Wednesday 07 April  10.00am Eucharist in the Retreat House of CSN
Thursday 08 April  9.30am Eucharist in the Retreat House of CSN
Sunday 11 April 9.30am Parish Eucharist at Mary Potter Community Centre, 442 Durham Street North
Wednesday 14 April 10.00am Eucharist at Knox Presbyterian Chapel, 28 Bealey Avenue
Thursday 15 April  9.30am Eucharist at Knox Presbyterian Chapel, 28 Bealey Avenue
Sunday 18 April 9.30am Parish Eucharist at Knox Presbyterian Chapel, 28 Bealey Avenue

*       All services from 18th April on are in the Knox Chapel

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the sisters for their hospitality and to the members of Knox for welcoming us back.




'Our retreat house was built in the early 1920's and was later named after Sister Constance Eveleen Barklie. Sister Eveleen lived there from 1930 until her death in 1939. She had moved out to Sumner after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, continuing her vocation in the seclusion of Sumner. Here she conducted retreats and Sunday School and held services for the local community. When she died in 1939, she bequeathed her house to the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch. Over the years it has been used as a retreat house and since the earthquakes has been beautifully repaired.


'A group of volunteers operate as a governing and management Board and we employ Eddie O'Connor on a part-time basis as the live-in Director of the house. We are currently seeking more Board members, if you have a heart for the ministry of retreats along with management or governance experience, we would be interested in hearing from you.'



I will be on leave from 6th-21st April on grandfather duty on the North Island 

Easter Blessings





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Whether you are considering starting study or continuing with an existing programme, there are some great options.

Regardless of what programme you are considering or whether you are a new or an experienced student, Theology House is here to advise and help you on the journey.  Our theological library and other resources are available whether you’re in formal study or following your own journey of discovery.

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