Message from Peter Beck


Saturday 20 September 2020



Dear Parish family


Kia Ora e te whanau!


Last week I was cycling along Harper Avenue. It was a beautiful Spring Day and the line of cherry trees were in full blossom with the Spring greening of the tall trees behind framing the background. And I said aloud ‘What a  beautiful city. I love this city and I am so glad that we live here!’


On Sunday I have been asked to speak at a reception arranged by the Methodist Mission to thank all their donors. Not sure why me, though I had a lot to do with CMM when I was Dean, and our Anglican Care Trust  Board [of which I am a member] has provided the land for the Methodists to develop some social housing in Gill Street. I also have a had a lot to do with WesleyCare Rest home in recent weeks, and can’t speak highly enough of the care that is offered there.


I’ve been asked to speak on the topic ‘What makes a great city’. I remember that after the earthquakes the City Council ran a highly successful conversation with the city called ‘Share an Idea’. People got very engaged and built a vision of a clean and green city, focussed on being people friendly, building and sustaining our communities and villages. A great city is one that cares for the weak and vulnerable,  where our children are demonstrably loved, where our citizens partner with the local authorities and our views are wanted and respected. I could go on of course and no doubt will. I wonder how well we are doing with the bold aspirational vision we developed in 2011.


What do you think makes a great city? I’d love to hear.  At the Thursday Eucharist this week I asked us all this question over morning tea, and got this spot-on response – ‘A great city has lots of quirky shops and safe footpaths.’. And a great city has soul!  I had a tag line for the Cathedral in the Square when I called it ‘the heart and soul of the city’. I hope and pray that we will see it regain that iconic status when it reopens.


There will be the usual celebration of the Eucharist on  Wednesday at 10am and Thursday at 9.30am.



‘LOVE BADE ME WELCOME’.   A reflective weekend retreat here in the Retreat House over the weekend of 20-22 November.


A weekend retreat of quiet reflection based around a poem by the Elizabethan priest/poet and hymn writer George Herbert as we prepare for Advent.


Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2020

Retreat Conductor: The Revd Peter Beck, Priest in Charge of St Luke’s in the City.  

Accommodation: Community of the Sacred Name Retreat House, 300 Tuam St Christchurch  (limited to 12 participants in single rooms)


Attendance by Day: Those not sleeping over are welcome to attend sessions on Friday evening 7-8.30pm; Saturday 9am-5.30pm; and the Sunday Eucharist at 9.30am.  There will be an option to opt in to the Saturday evening meal & session (at an additional cost)

Catering: Breakfasts to be self-catered – basics provided.   (live-in retreatants only)
Light lunch, morning & afternoon teas provided on Saturday for all registrants
Saturday evening meal (live-in registrants only – unless opting in at an alternative rate)

What to Bring: Comfortable clothes, personal essentials, Bible, Notebook,pen etc.

$160 per person (in-house accommodation, all meals)
$ 60 per person (Friday night & Saturday sessions). No Sat. evening meal or session included.
$100 per person (Friday night/Saturday including evening 
meal and the evening session)   




As the former chaplain to Antarctica NZ I can warmly recommend:

For The Beauty Of The Earth: Learning From Antarctica To Protect Our Natural World

Wednesday 14 October 2020, 6:30pm
The Christchurch Transitional Cathedral—234 Hereford Street, Latimer Square.


Seminar, panel discussion and Q&A on the topic of climate change with an Antarctic focus. Expert speakers include;  Victoria Metcalf, Tim Naish, Emily Colgan, Krushil Watene, John Cottle and Rod Oram, bringing experience from disciplines including natural science, biblical studies, and indigenous philosophy.






The community at Sister Evelyn House are hosting retreats and quiet days. Here is an up-coming retreat that you may be interested in joining:






Saturday 15 August 2020


Dear Friends

Some notes of guidance for our worship over the next few weeks under Covid-19 Level 2.

Our return to Level 2 is very disappointing, but that's what has happened and we need to adjust the way we worship together.   There are people who find change difficult, so please be kind to each another as we follow the requirements set by the Bishop and the Government as part of the team of 5 million.  We are all in this together.
*    It is important if you are not feeling well that you stay at home.  

*    All congregants must be signed in for the purposes of contact tracing.   There will be an alphabetical list of parishioners which needs to be marked off by the welcomer.
          Visitors will need to fill in details on a separate Contract Tracing form which requires name, residential address, phone no. and email address.   Welcomer to ensure this happens.

*    Hand sanitizer will be available in the entrance foyer for everyone to use.   Please use it.

*    You will find the seating arrangements have changed to meet the physical distancing requirement of 1- 2 metres (unless in same bubble).

*    The offertory plate will be on a table near the entrance - please leave your offertory there as you go in - there will be no plate circulated during the service. 

*    Wine and bread will be at the altar prior to the service - there will be no procession of the elements.

*    Communion will be of one kind only (i.e. bread only) - the presiding priest will consecrate a small amount of wine which he consumes alone.

*    Approach the altar for communion by the central aisle - one side at a time - to avoid confusion, those seated on the kitchen side first - and return to seats by the left front once communion received. 
         Those sitting to the right then follow, again using central aisle and returning right front to their seats.  The important thing is to remember physical distancing as you queue in the central aisle.

*    No morning tea or coffee will be served following the service.

*    The blue chairs are to be stacked away after the service;  and the pink ones set out for mid-week services as usual.   Volunteers to help with this will be appreciated.

 *   If you are wanting to catch up with others after the service, please make way for those clearing chairs and do remember the physical distancing requirement of 1 metre.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Alan and Jenny






Studying Theology is a great way to explore and deepen your faith


Gareth is a member of our vestry as well as the Director of Theology House . Here’s some  more information about Theology House for us all to consider:

Whether you are considering starting study or continuing with an existing programme, there are some great options for the second half of 2020.

Regardless of what programme you are considering or whether you are a new or an experienced student, Theology House is here to advise and help you on the journey.  Our theological library and other resources are available whether you’re in formal study or following your own journey of discovery.

It’s not too late to enrol for “Doing Theology” this semester.  Starting on 17 July, you can take this as a paper towards the NZ Diploma of Christian Studies taught by St John’s College in partnership with Theology House or just for personal interest.  We’re delighted to have the Rev’d Dr Joe McGarry teaching the course.

Further information can be found on the Theology House website.



Dear friends, let us pray for one another and our ministry and mission in the city


St Luke's Parish Prayer

O Living and Life-Giving God,
your blessed witness Luke the Evangelist
has inspired generations of your faithful people
to work for the gospel in this part of our city.
So guide us by your Spirit:
give us a thirst for your truth,
a passion for your justice,
a strength in our witness,
and a firm hope in the future you open before us;
that we may celebrate with joy
the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, 
your Son, our Lord.