St Luke’s Community Trust was established in 2003 following a door-to-door survey of the parish.

Social isolation and lack of transport for the elderly infirm led to the purchase of a community van, which is still used for some of the needs identified in the survey, namely:

  • Weekly shopping runs for residents of Forfar Courts and Bishopspark
  • Additional shopping runs as requested by elderly shut-ins
  • Transport and accommodation for those who require it, to medical and hospital appointments

The purposes of the Trust are:

  • To provide an avenue through which the Christian principles and values of St Luke’s Anglican Church can be transferred to the wider community
  • To actively encourage Church participation in the local community
  • To foster and promote community spirit and implement schemes of local community benefit
  • To develop community initiatives in response to identified social needs
  • To promote, conduct and publish research as part of a programme to educate New Zealanders

Low-Cost Counselling

The St Luke’s Community Trust offers funding to clients who may be unable to meet ACC and WINZ criteria.

Clients are expected to make a contribution to costs, but the cost will depend on the client’s circumstances.

The counsellor is qualified and experienced in the field of need, with a broad experience over many years, and is a member of the NZAC.

The service is fully confidential. All enquiries welcome.

For appointments and enquiries:  email us