Dear All
By now you should have received Helen's message announcing her resignation as Interim Priest in Charge of St Luke's to take effect from 31 May 2020. We can all be grateful for what Helen has contributed to the life of the parish.

Alan and I are writing to let you know that Bishop Peter Carrell has appointed Peter Beck to be the Priest-in-Charge of St Luke's to follow Helen. We are fortunate that there will NOT be a period when we are without a Priest to lead and guide the parish. We can look forward to Peter's leadership as we recover our vision of a future ministry in the inner city.   

In Bishop Peter's words....  the role is to be interim priest of the parish, in succession to Helen Roud, and to guide the parish as it journeys further towards its new and hopefully final physical home while discovering afresh its mission in the inner city.

Blessings at this time of change.
Alan & Jenny


Bev Hunter died Sunday morning 08 March after a long period of ailing health. Bev had been a long-standing member of St Luke's faith community, and continued to be interested in the life of the parish despite her move to Oxford in recent years. She is survived by her daughter, Stephanie, and son Murray and his family in Australia. Let us hold Bev in our prayers with love and thanksgiving for a life well-lived as a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, parishioner and vestry member of St Luke's, a Companion of the Community of the Sacred Name, a friend and support to many.   
May She Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.



Welcome to March's Ecology Project ideas. Last month we encouraged you to visit Good For and to start moving towards the goal of zero plastic waste. This month the idea is to explore eco-friendly dental care. When your toothbrush wears out consider switching to a bamboo one ( available at most supermarkets). Also think about using EcoFloss that comes in a little glass container that can be endlessly refilled  ( floss available at GoodFor or online). Lastly toothpaste tubes are very difficult to recycle and there isn't a  plant in NZ that is doing so at the moment. The exception is EcoStore's toothpaste tubes which can be sent back to Eco Store at this address:


Ecostore Oral Care Recycling
Freepost 7454
PO Box 91718
Victoria Street West

They are working at finding ways to recycle them into helpful tools to use in their factory.
If you're feeling brave you could try making your own toothpowder. Our grandparents used this long before toothpaste was invented ! There are a number of different recipes for it online but a really simple one would be a mixture of bicarbonate of soda ( or baking soda) and salt.

Have a happy eco-friendly month and think of more  ways in which we can move towards zero plastic waste !!



1.    Christchurch City Mission.
 It was agreed that St Luke's become a member of the Mission's "Careforce" and as such make a regular monthly donation to the work of the Mission.  This donation will come from income received from the Erwin Bequest.


2.    Date of Annual General Meeting. THIS MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED.
The AGM has been set for Sunday 26th April 2020.   Those responsible for writing reports are requested to have them to Jenny by the 14th of April at the latest, in the hope they can be circulated to parishioners by Sunday the 19th.   Prior to the AGM there will be a form circulated for those currently on the Parish Roll to update details and re-confirm their membership.   For those who have not yet signed to join the Parish Roll, there are forms on the table at CSN to enable you to do so if you wish to do so.   It is only those on the Roll at the time of the AGM who are entitled to vote.


3.    Finance.
Vestry members learned that the parish's share of the Diocesan Quota has risen by 52% for this coming year, an increase of $5,696 over the amount we paid in 2019.   This figure is arrived at by a formula set by the Diocese, and unfortunately it is our investment interest, which we have been capitalising wherever possible towards the cost of a new building, which has to a large extent caused this unpleasant surprise!    It should be a temporary increase in that once funds are spent on the building there will be some relief - BUT, of course, that will be offset by additional running costs we will have on the new building such as insurance, rates, power etc.   It really is important that each one of us takes the time to review our current giving through the weekly offertory.  There is no doubt you will be hearing further from the churchwardens with reference to “gifts of time, money and talents” in the near future.


Let us continue to journey together in the fellowship of Christ

Alan & Jenny (Churchwardens)


Parish Roll 2020


We are asking everyone to complete this form, whether you have been registered before, or are qualified and wish to be enrolled for the first time. Please note you can only be enrolled in any one parish or other local ministry or mission unit, at any one time. You need to be on the Parish Roll if you wish to speak or vote at any parish meeting. Please return your form by handing to one of the Churchwardens, or by emailing the completed and signed form to office@stlukesinthecity.org.nz .   
We have been 'relaxed' about annual renewals of the Parish Roll over recent years, but with a building programme and important decisions to be made around that in the next two years, Vestry has agreed there needs to be an annual update of the Roll.


Our Future

The following was printed in the ANGLICAN E-NEWS on 20 March 2019:


“Last Wednesday evening Standing Committee completed a decision making process involving the Operations Management Board (which governs the Anglican Centre), the Church Property Trustees, the Anglican Care Trust Board and the Parish of Christchurch St. Luke’s. As a result we are committed to building a combined Anglican Centre and St Luke’s Spirituality Centre on the St Luke’s site, corner Manchester and Kilmore Streets. Design work is beginning and it is my hope that with a fair wind through the consenting process we can be located again in the inner city by early 2021 and St Luke’s can be back on their home turf.”



PASTORAL CARE: For pastoral matters contact any of the pastoral group: Francie Conolly (325 2832), Jenny Drury (366 3098), Michaele Watson (981 5675), Helen Roud (027 657 7947).


KEEPING IN TOUCH: If you would like to be on our parish e-list for occasional emails, or if you have changed your address or phone number(s), please send details to office@stlukesinthecity.org.nz  Thank you.


ST LUKE'S WEBSITE: Information updates and sermons are posted on the parish web site: www.stlukesinthecity.org.nz 
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